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The human body needs regular fitness and bodybuilding strategies to keep it in great condition. However, when undergoing bodybuilding, we all need a mentor or coach to help us reach our goals. This is one of the things you can find on a bodybuilding forum.

The Internet is a wide ocean of knowledge where one can learn new bodybuilding techniques without leaving your house.

There are numerous bodybuilding forums and communities where bodybuilders and fitness lovers can interact with one another.

These forums allow you to share new bodybuilding information and experiences which will aid you in your objectives.

Here are the top 10 bodybuilding forums to join in 2022:

1.  Musclemecca Bodybuilding forum

Musclemecca bodybuilding forum is a top bodybuilding forum and fitness website where you can have uncensored discussions about fitness and bodybuilding. It was created in 2004 to help fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders to achieve their aims.

You can talk about any aspects of fitness and bodybuilding which will benefit you.  You can check on threads where discussions are on steroids, body-enhancing stimulants, supplements, and how to have effective fitness training.

More so, you can ask questions from professional fitness instructors who are ready to advise and guide you on the best way to achieve your goal. There are hundreds of videos and pictures which depict many bodybuilding postures.

There is daily news of what’s going on in the world of bodybuilding and you will have a good time. Daily, you will get about 10, 000, to 15,000 unique active members who are willing to interact freely with everybody. This site enables you to make a post and send private emails.

It is one of the oldest and most reliable bodybuilding forums around and has members like Phil Heath, William Bonac, Ronnie Coleman who are ready to help new members. What makes this fitness forum ideal is that the content and good and reliable information about bodybuilding are shared regularly.

The layout of this forum is smooth and the colors layout is black, clear, and all text and readable. The site has an administration who is available 24/7 to keep the website sane and remove any spammers.

If you have any issues with registration or other features you can contact him and you will receive a reply immediately. The admin is very funny and active. Musclemecca has a good UI/UX design and all sections are easy to navigate. Registration is free and easy.Bodybuilding forums

2. Bodybuilding.com

This is an old and popular fitness website that has many members. The forum has many sections which are subdivided into many categories. You will get unique information about supplements, fitness drills, and bodybuilding skills.

Irrespective of your level in bodybuilding, you will find the site helpful. Beginners and intermediate bodybuilders can log into the site for more advice and consultation on bodybuilding.

Their sections include workout programs, workouts, nutrition, and fat loss. You can also find threads for powerlifters and female bodybuilders. You get to talk to experts who are versed in fitness training and motivation.

It is an active forum that thousands of members visit daily. The site has some drawbacks such as poor layout and some sections that are difficult to navigate easily.

3. Burn the Fat Inner Circle Forum

This is a big community for all fitness lovers and people who are interested in bodybuilding. The forum is the brainchild of Tom Venuto who is a top name when discussing bodybuilding anywhere in the world. This forum is intended for people who want to transform their bodies and need guidance on fat loss.

Members can ask Tom Venuto and other top fitness trainers any questions relating to Bodybuilding and nutrition. There are several sections on the website where you can find thousands of active members. Daily content on nutrition, fitness training, and bodybuilding adorns the site.

You are assured of getting advice on protein intake and carb manipulation. The site is a major target though for trolls, who storm the site and disrupt valuable discussions.

4. T-Nation

T-Nation is another popular website where discussions on fitness and working out are discussed. This forum has many articles which discuss muscle building, power, and supplement usage. You can find many active members on this forum and there are discussions relating to fitness strategies.

If you are in any doubt about working out or fitness issues, you will need to visit this site. The T-Nation forum is for people who are serious about having a good physical health status and working out regularly. The scope varies from bodybuilding, powerlifting, and life meditation.

For beginners in a workout, you will find experts who are willing to share their life experiences with you. You can discuss fitness legends like Jim Wendler and Christian Thibaudeau. The sections on this forum include nutrition, figure athletics, power women, training logs, and rehab.

You have to be careful while visiting the site though because sometimes, it can be a cesspool of fake information.

5. Reddit Forum

Reddit forum is one of the most visited bodybuilding forums online. It boasts several useful content and information that can help new and experienced bodybuilders. The forum is filled with lots of images and videos of powerlifting and fitness training.

If you are interested in a bodybuilding career you will get lots of content that can motivate and inspire you. The Reddit community is a site where new fitness trends are posted daily. This platform will provide real information about bodybuilding contests and events.

It was founded in 2008 and has more than 200k daily members. The fitness section has discussions on several topics like nutrition, daily motivation, and powerlifting. Reddit, while a great bodybuilding forum, is more of an open website.

It doesn’t focus only on fitness and bodybuilding, so the information you will get from the platform on bodybuilding can be limited.

6. Underground Bodybuilding Forum

This is another fast-rising fitness forum that has about 5k threads and more than 90k messages. Underground is a place where anyone interested in fitness training and bodybuilding is. In this forum, new members are introduced to other new members and rules guiding the site.

You get to see arrays of topics on Body enhancement drugs and supplements. There are daily discussions on supplements that are legal and illegal. If you are looking for a site where you can know what to use when training it is a great site.

Updated news on steroids and other bodybuilding chemicals are discussed. One major thing I dislike about this forum is the unavailability of many professional bodybuilders and the display of many ads.

6. Natural-Bodybuilding.net

The forum as the name suggests is committed to providing interested bodybuilders vital information on how to keep their bodies fit. The forum emphasizes the use of natural methods of burning fat and strengthening body muscles via a natural diet.

This top bodybuilding site is segmented into several sub-threads where you can find what you are looking for easily. There are AR sections for powerlifting, exercises, and genders. This website focuses on these bodybuilding categories:

  • Training category of exercises
  • nutrition
  • supplements

You will find many articles on how to achieve natural strengths without drugs. Though the site is ideal, it usually has some server downtime.

7. Fitness Geared

Fitness geared is a platform for both young and old people interested in getting their bodies in top shape. There are threads created to warn individuals from using drugs while keeping fit.

If you need a forum where many members are helped and advice on the best bodybuilding strategies, then this website is for you. There is daily content on the importance of keeping fit and the best diet you can be on, to avoid obesity.

Registration is simple, and many fitness trainers are ready to share their ideas with you. There are thousands of images and videos on fitness training sessions that can help you achieve a perfect body structure.

The ads on this website can be a turnoff as it interrupts a detailed discussion.

8. Tmuscle.co.uk

This is a UK-based bodybuilding website that has good content on healthy living and building muscles. There are more than 350k messages with about 600k conversations. The website aims to tell its members more about bodybuilding and the safe usage of supplements.

Most discussions on this platform are centered on fitness strategies, body fit, dieting, and bodybuilding. You also get discussions on general topics on fitness events and recovery.

Muscle posts news on recent bodybuilding events which could be useful. You could also use the site to calculate your Body Mass Index and Key. This forum is free to register for everyone looking for fitness ideas and information.

The site crashes sometimes and is prone to scammers who fleece unsuspecting members by recommending fake supplements.

9. Real Muscle Forum

If you are seeking a fitness forum that has quality content on keeping fit and keeping your body in good shape, Real Muscle Forum is an ideal platform. This bodybuilding forum has many sections where there are discussions on how to make your body fit.

You get to meet fitness enthusiasts like yourself who want to have a healthy body. There are also discussions on diet recipes that can help you achieve your fitness goals. A major con of this platform is its poor customer support.

Bottom Line

Bodybuilding sites remain an instrumental platform to help new and experienced bodybuilders to have access to quality information on fitness drills and bodybuilding.

These forums are free to join and you can get training videos and information that can help you. You should also register for their daily newsletter to get the latest information on bodybuilding events.

However, most of these forums have several drawbacks which can impede information from being checked. Musclemecca remains an ideal and reliable bodybuilding forum that offers the best information as it concerns fitness and body

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