Brandon Hendrickson 2 weeks before the 2020 Olympia!

Brandon Hendrickson 2020

Brandon Hendrickson got his start in 2013. That is when he first got his IFBB Pro Card! He achieved success by winning the Arnold Classic in 2016 but I am sure he would love to win the 2020 Olympia!

Brandon Hendrickson 2020 Olympia

Brandon Hendrickson 2 weeks out from the 2020 Olympia

Brandon Hendrickson Bodybuilding Competitions

  • 2016

Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Champion
Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia, 4th place

  • 2015

IFBB Western Cup – 8th place
IFBB New York Pro – 7th place
IFBB Denver Pro – 4th place
IFBB Tampa Pro – 1st place
IFBB Mr. Olympia – 5th place

  • 2014

IFBB Denver Pro – 7th place
IFBB Tampa Pro – 6th place


Let’s see how Brandon Hendrickson does at the 2020 Olympia!

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