Friday, January 21, 2022

Do you miss Flex Lewis?

Well we haven’t seen Flex lewis since 2018 and we really miss him. In 2018 he said this will be my last 212 Olympia. He didn’t say it would be his last Olympia though. See the quote below from Flex:

“At this point in my prep, I’m reanalyzing everything. I obviously have to make the 212-pound weight limit, so at about 15 weeks out, I do everything with that goal in mind.

I do have somewhat of a blueprint to stick to, in terms of numbers. I’ve kept every single prep photo, I’ve got journals to actually see what I was eating at this point in previous preps, what I weighed, etc.

Right now I’m at one of my heavier weights for 11 weeks out–234 pounds. It’s not a bad heavy, it just goes to show that my body struggles with this weight class. But there’s no concern. Neil [Hill] and I have done this six times before, and this is more of a hands-on prep than it’s ever been, now that he moved from the UK to Florida. With him being here, it allows me to be less stressed for the rest of the prep.

It’s been very different this time, and a lot of fun.”

I know 2018 was a rough year fro Flex losing his buddy and training partner Dallas McCarver but we want you back Flex! 2021 Mr. Olympia in Men’s Open!

Here is a recent post from Flex Lewis:

Flex Lewis
“Thank you to everyone who jumps on my page daily/ weekly takes the time to hit that like button or leave a comment, we grown this page together I’ve never paid for a single follow, like or comment, I just post me, my family, my training, my day, I don’t “do it for the gram” I just use social media to show case my life and I’m just happy that you guys like that.

We end the year with over 7 million Likes in 2019 but these photos don’t show case my year, it’s been full of ups and downs, but I like to focus more on the good than anything else and with said so many amazing doors have open in 2019 and some CRAZY opportunities are now being chased going into 2020.

I am so appreciative for all the new lessons learned no matter how hard it hit me. But it all hardens me for what’s to come. Thank you ALL again I have said this many times but I really do have the best fans and followers in the world.”

Whatever happens Flex, we love you!


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