Justin Compton – can he win the 2015 Arnold Classic?


Justin Compton is making an incredible progress in the bodybuilding world. Since he turned pro at the 2012 NPC Nationals, at every show he enters, we see him bigger, fuller, more conditioned and with more details than before. He has that 3D look on his muscle bellies, and his structure reminds of a hybrid between Phil Heath and Dennis Wolf.

Speaking of Phil, Justin’s career in bodybuilding may look alike to the 4 times Mr O. Since he made his pro debut, he took 5th in 2013 at the Chicago Pro, and the 1st win came in 2014 at the Europa Show Of Champions. Maybe Phil made his pro debut with 2 wins in a row, and then a 5th place at the 2007 Arnold Classic, but I think Justin can do something similar, getting his next 1st place at the 2015 Arnold Classic.

Why do I think he can be the next Arnold Classic winner? For 3 reasons in my opinion:

1. He has a great structure, with a tiny waist, wide shoulders, everything flowing well with his quads sweep, Compton has what we call in bodybuilding, an X-shape.


2. He improved every year so far, and has Hany Rambod as his coach. In case you wonder who is Hany, well, he’s the coach of the 4x Mr O Phil Heath since 2007, worked with Jay Cutler in 2009 and 2010, Olympias that he won, and another athlete working with Hany Rambod is, Steve Kuclo. Steve turned pro in 2011 at the USA’s, and won the 2014 Arnold Brazil which got him the qualification for the Mr Olympia, in the same year. With a track record like this, we can say that Justin is in good hands.


3. Has no real weak points. As you may know, in bodybuilding, wins the one with the least flaws. Justin Compton, has the size, the structure, the condition, and no real weak points. From the latest interviews he stated that in the past off season worked on his hamstrings and calves especially, but also on his lower lats. If he will bring the same condition he is known for, with the added size in the right places, there is no surprise he could win it all.


With that said, keep an eye on him. On March 7th, 2015, we’ll see how he will do against veterans in the sport like Dexter Jackson – 4 time Arnold winner, and other possible winners like Evan Centopani, Lionel Beyeke and 2 time Arnold champion – Branch Warren.

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Justin Compton Competition List:

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Orlando – 1st
2013 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza – 5th
2012 NPC National Championships
2012 NPC National Championships – 1st
2011 NPC National Championships – 13th
2011 NPC Junior National Championships – 2nd
2008 NPC Natural Ohio Bodybuilding And Figure Championships – 4th
2008 NPC Natural Ohio Bodybuilding And Figure Championships – 3rd
2008 NPC Natural Ohio Bodybuilding And Figure Championships
2008 NPC Northern Kentucky – 1st – Teen
2007 NPC Kentucky Muscle 1st Place Teen – 5th
2007 NPC Monster Mash – 2nd – Junior
2007 NPC Northern Kentucky – 1st – Teen

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