The Life and Future of Pro Bodybuilder, Kai Greene

Kai Greene
Kai Greene does not need any kind of introduction as he is quite popular especially among the youth not only in his own nation but also for the entire world for his expertise in weight lifting. He is an IFBB bodybuilder in America. He is a determined athlete with an iron willpower which cannot be shaken with despair or hopelessness. He truly believes that perseverance and trying harder are always better than getting weak when a person is not able to achieve his goals. He has been the first runner-up for three consecutive years that is from 2012 to 2014 in the challenge of Mr. Olympia.  Even after being disqualified from this competition in 2015, he did not lose hope and is very determined to win this title as soon as possible. His journey is not an easy one and one who reads about his life cannot stop oneself from appreciating the courage and strength of this high-spirited man.
Kai Greene’s Early Life
The journey of the man we know as Kai Greene who is originally known as Leslie Kai Greene starts from a very young age. He has struggled throughout his entire life which has converted him into the firm fighter he is today. He was no more than six years old when he became a ward of the state. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Kai Greene had to witness unfriendly domestic conditions which forced him to several foster homes. At an age where one needs the warmth of a father’s hug and a mother’s sweet love he was forced to spend time at the mercy of the state. Thus, it was the start of an independent life for him at an age when you are dependent on others for even the pettiest of tasks. He kept on being shifted from one foster home to another institution. It was the course of his life for the next ten years and it was in these days when he finally found something to soothe his pain. Something that could divert his mind from the hardships that life had put in front of him. That something was none other than his hidden talent known as weight training. No one could say on the day when he arrived at the foster house that a superstar had been brought to the place but he has rekindled hopes in the hearts of many who had given up on life.

Young kai Greene

The Realization of His Dreams
If you have gone through the history of legends around the globe, you might have noticed that all of them have one thing in common. There is only one thing that makes all of them a subject of history. The thing which makes them prominent personalities is the fact that they are able to realize their dreams and talents and employ their skills and efforts completely in the achievement of their targets and ambitions. Thus, it definitely becomes impossible to stop such people and they definitely become unstoppable. Though Kai Greene had undergone many hardships in life but he was one of the lucky few who were able to explore their inner wishes and talents. However, he not only had this exceptional talent of body building but a lot of other skills that needed to be explored and polished. Among all these talents was his heartiest desire to excel in visual arts that could prove a challenging option as well. His augmented development and growth grabbed the attention of his teacher, from grade 7th, who used to teach him English.
Due to all the hardships in his life, Kai Greene was not a brilliant student and his behavior with the people at the institution where he was accommodated was not appreciated. This was when he was given the idea of entering into the arena of teen competitions. It was due to his interest in visual arts that he used to take an interest in measuring his body against those of his age. Both the worlds of his desires got interconnected and he started taking his own body as a subject matter of his favorite field. He utilized the knowledge of his own physique to gain greater knowledge about mass and movement to be able to achieve what others could not. Thus, his journey of exploring and realizing his own dreams was not that easy but it was definitely the struggle.

Achievements of Kai Greene
Kai Greene was very lucky that at the start of his career he was able to build confidence and know more about the field through teen competitions. It was due to the victories he achieved in the initial years of his teenage career that helped him achieve a level of self-belief that only few could match. He was exceptionally good and the best part about all this has, that he was well aware of his talents and strengths and he did not let fear of failure deter him in any way. He achieved many titles during the initial years of his middle school but when he received the second position for the first time in his life then it did not break him rather he rose up with greater ambitions of maintaining a greater looking body with real muscles. He made 5th Avenue Gym his second home in Brooklyn where he not only met some of the best athletes in the world but also spent the best time of his life. He learned that apart from zest to thrive harder and reemerge, knowledge was also an important factor that could help him succeed. Thus, through hard work, he was able to achieve many titles and the most important one being in 2004 when he qualified as a professional IFBB bodybuilder while the most recent of his successes is the title of Arnold Classic that he achieved in 2016.

Future of Kai Greene
Like other bodybuilders, Kai Greene has also become a victim of controversies a couple of times but such things don’t affect our champion negatively. He takes everything in a positive way to help build himself. The only picture of his future we have in our minds is seeing him make his long-sought dream come true to win the title of Mr. Olympia for which he has secured the second and third place in the past.

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