And the winner of the 2018 Arnold Classic Australia is…

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After placing 4th at the 2018 Arnold Classic Ohio, Roelly Winklaar worked really hard and won the 2018 Arnold Classic in Australia for the first time in his 8th competition. Surprisingly, William Bonac placed 2nd in the competition followed by Dexter Jackson, Lukas Osladil, Hitetada Yamagishi and Luke Sandoe.

Winklaar, who got only 4th at the 2018 Arnold Classic Ohio, has a big title under his belt after this win. The 40-year-old bodybuilding would be hoping that it is just the beginning! Mr. Olympia is coming up in a few months!



Others who participated are as follows: Steve Orton, Jonathan De La Rosa, Dennis Wolf, Nathan Williamson, Sam Pearce, Kevin Levrone, and Darryn Onekawa. They finished in the order in which they are mentioned.

After the conclusion of Arnold classic Australia, the attention of every bodybuilding fan now shifts to Arnold classic South America taking place on 22 April 2018 in Rio de Janeiro.

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