Cedric McMillan is out of the 2020 Olympia!

2020 Olympia

Sad news! Cedric McMillan has broken his collar bone and his hand and will not be competing at the 2020 Olympia in Vegas in December!

“So I’m out here riding and going down a hill around a curve, and somehow lost traction on the back tire which drifted me off the hill. So here I am, mountain bike on the f###### hill, and the only thing you can think about is ‘what is going to stop me’ you know? Something’s going to stop me, right? So when I came off the bike, I’m not exactly sure what I hit first. I’m in a curve to the left, I hit my left hip and left shoulder, and at some point, as I was rolling, I think I tried to break my fall with my hand, or hold onto the handlebar. I know the back part of my hand was what hit.”


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