Is Big Ramy ready for the 2020 Olympia?

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Big Ramy

Take a look. What do you think of Big Ramy’s current condition. The 2020 Olympia is only 5 weeks away. Does Ramy have what it takes to get into the top 6?

Big Ramy 2020

Big Ramy:

“I was after that win in spain to get qualified but thanks to @mrolympiallc @ifbb_pro_league @dansolomon_official i got that invite.. I saw a lot of people talking about how my forearms lacked veins on the videos i posted 🤔…i didnt answer the “views chaser”.. I wanna thank my fans for always having my back and supporting me… let them do their work im doing mine and insha Allah my God will facilitate a greater win than @npceuropean see you guys in 5 weeks.. Call me the Dream chaser!!”

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