Cedric McMillan, Overcoming the challenge

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Cedric McMillan ready for the challenge in 2022

Cedric McMillan had some wise words recently. Are you looking forward to seeing him at the 2022 Olympia? I know I am!

Cedric McMillan:
“Alot of us pros don’t post as we start prep and progress, I think its because we don’t wanna deal with being over-analyzed by some dudes sitting on the toilet scrolling instagram haha. My anxiety is so bad I get nervous about even sending progress to a coach, or even just recording and looking at myself! I’ve done whole preps without making pics or videos! So this is an attempt to overcome a challenge. So here critics, enjoy this meal haha and remember as we all get ready for the @arnoldsports we need u to let us know how good or bad u think we are😁”


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