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Dexter Jackson has Covid 19!

It is true. The Blade has had Covid 19 for the past 3 weeks according to him. Was he positive for Covid at the 2020 Olympia?

The Blade:
“I wasn’t going to make a video about this, but I thought it was only right that I do, you know? Your boy got COVID, and I’ve had it now for almost three weeks,”

“I’m 100 percent sure that I can beat it, but who wants to feel like this for three weeks?”

“My upper body gets so hot now that I have to walk around with my shirt off because if anything touches my upper body, then I start sweating like crazy,” Jackson explains. “Not my head, none of that, just my body. I swear I probably go through five shirts a day, soaking wet like I just got out of the pool.”

We wish you the best Dexter Jackson!

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