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musclemecca owner interviewed by

Here is an interview with the owner and admin of one of the most popular bodybuilding forums, musclemecca bodybuilding forums.

underbody: Hello TalkAdmin! Welcome to our bodybuilding website! Thank you very much for accepting our invitation for this interview!

TalkAdmin: Hi brother! Thank you so much for having me here! I am not really good at this sort of thing but I will do my best.

underbody: For those few readers who do not know TalkAdmin, he is the owner of the large and prestigious bodybuilding forum dedicated to the world of bodybuilding called Musclemecca Bodybuilding Forums, TalkAdmin, how did you approach the world of bodybuilding and in particular the bodybuilding forum Musclemecca?

TalkAdmin: I was and am still a web developer and search engine optimizer. I was really introduced to the bodybuilding world when I worked for a client with another bodybuilding forum back in the late 90s, early 2000s. I was able to rebuild that site and it did very well. The owner decided to sell it for a huge profit and build another bodybuilding forum which was called He didn’t have time for it and ended up selling it to me. I completely rebuilt it and really got it going and have owned it ever since. During that time in the early 2000s I became a huge fan of the sport of bodybuilding.

underbody: When we at the bodybuilding blog first discovered your beautiful bodybuilding forum, it was the early 2000s and Musclemecca Bodybuilding Forums was a point of reference for all ifbb pros… tell us about some of these guys of the pro league who have trod the most important stages in the world of bodybuilding!

TalkAdmin: Back in the early days and up until a few years ago we had many famous pros as members. Some huge names in bodybuilding that are members are Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath. We have done interviews with William Bonac and many others. These days I believe musclemecca bodybuilding forums is still followed by many pro bodybuilders but due to contract obligations they do not post unless hiding who they are. I really cannot remember all the names of the pro bodybuilders who have joined and visited our site.

underbody: Even if social networks today attract many fans of bodybuilding, we at the bodybuilding blog think that a bodybuilding forum like musclemecca represents the history of bodybuilding, as it is full of photos of the champions of the past. But how many photos are stored in the archives of your forum? : D

TalkAdmin: We have no way to count them but I would guess we have over a million bodybuilding pictures and videos on musclemecca bodybuilding forums. We have had to remove thousands as well over the years that were hosted on other sites and were broken. We still have got tons though, probably way over a million! I would encourage everyone to go to musclemecca and search through our Arnold Schwarzenegger pics. We have an excellent Austrian Oak collection! We also have tons of bodybuilding videos and picture collections including some of our own. You can also find bodybuilding profiles and bios and competition history of your favorite bodybuilders.

underbody: What is the future of bodybuilding forums?

TalkAdmin: We are currently working on a new rebuilt musclemecca which we hope to launch over the summer. It will load faster and will be more user friendly and will be very, very usable with mobile devices. I think everyone will love it. We hope to keep growing and keep covering bodybuilding news, events and be a community where bodybuilders can gather and talk about bodybuilding and bodybuilders. Eventually we hope to travel to events like the Olympia and Arnold Classic and do interviews and coverage. Musclemecca will continue posting scorecards and results and everything we do now too.

underbody: TalkAdmin, remember us at the bodybuilding blog, we are always ready to help you! Musclemecca Bodybuilding Forums is a very important piece of history for all bodybuilding fans around the world!

You and your excellent bodybuilding blog have been a great friend to our site and to me personally. Thanks you so much for having us and we are honored to be on the UltimateBeefmagazine bodybuilding blog!

underbody: TalkAdmin, do you have anything else you want to add?

TalkAdmin: I would just like to take a little time to thank everyone who has kept musclemecca going over the years by adding content and covering bodybuilding events. You and UltimateBeefMagazine have also been a huge part of muslemecca and we thank you. Also, musclemecca bodybuilding forums would not be possible without our sponsors. I would encourage everyone to check them out.

underbody: TalkAdmin, thank you so much for your time and for participating in this interview! for all our readers, remember to visit the beautiful bodybuilding forum, registration is free! In the forum you will find lots of pictures of ifbb pros and competitions going back for decades!

TalkAdmin: Thank again for having us here!

underbody: TalkAdmin, see you on!

TalkAdmin: Thank you my friend. We always look forward to your articles here on your bodybuilding blog and your posts on musclemecca.

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