Questions Abound for the 2016 Mr. Olympia

2016 Mr. Olympia

There is still four months or so before the ‘Super Bowl of bodybuilding’ takes place and at the rate that things have been shaping up, that can only mean even more interesting questions instead of answers for the lingering ones. The 2016 show has a chance to be the best Mr. Olympia since Phil Heath won his first Sandow five years ago and it goes way beyond that one-two punch when the reigning champion defeated his predecessor Jay Cutler.

Heath may be the early favorite headed in and should be, but there are a number of other factors that make this a must-see even if “The Gift” makes it six in a row.


If – and that’s a big IF – Kai Greene signs his contract and makes his way to Las Vegas come September, he will be Heath’s greatest threat. “The Predator” has had quite a year so far with his three Arnold Classic wins and has been coy (or is it merely the usual ‘Kai-speak?’) about his intentions for the O.

The perennial bridesmaid, Greene has to figure that this may be his final shot at becoming the 14th Olympia winner in the contest’s illustrious history. He will turn 41 years of age in July and it may be now or never for the Brooklynite.



The mystery injury has been giving fans of The Iron Game major speculation to banter back and forth about on social media and we may never truly find out exactly what happened. All we do know is Wolf cancelled his appearances in the month of May but posted a short video online saying that he just signed his Olympia contract and that he’ll be there and “be ready.”

Even without this apparent bump in the road, Wolf would have a tough time cracking the top three. He had his best showing here in 2013 with a third place finish (that many felt he deserved second). Since then, Wolf has placed fourth in two consecutive years.



Dexter Jackson has defied logic basically since he broke in as an IFBB pro in 1999. “The Blade” was never one of those guys who competed once or twice a year, but rather seemed to be in more shows than not. Jackson has had more than one year where he has hit the stage an astonishing eight times and in his most successful campaign (2008), he was five-for-five and that included the Arnold Classic (Ohio) and Olympia. Last year, Jackson won four out of five (including three Arnold Classics) with the lone blight being Heath’s runner-up at The Orleans Arena.

So can Jackson, 46, repeat his performance from last September and one-up it? If there is anyone in the circuit that should never be counted out, it’s him. Jackson always goes down swinging if he goes down at all.


Saving the best for last, this Olympia is truly going to be a special one for the simple reason that Kevin Levrone is making his comeback after retiring 13 years ago. The “Maryland Muscle Machine” is going to accomplish the unheard of regardless of where he places and what makes this even more intriguing is what Levrone had been doing all of these years away from the stage.

Once he decided to hang up the posing trunks, Levrone used his many other talents and tried his hand at acting. He was in a few films and seemed to be doing quite well in his second career. To obtain the roles he was after, Levrone also appeared much smaller in size than what the bodybuilding fans were used to seeing.

Getting the itch again a few years back, Levrone began training heavy again and launched his own supplement line. There were frequent rumors of him competing again but that’s all they were until the recent announcement that Levrone would be the ‘special invitee’ at this year’s Olympia. The four-time runner-up will surely receive the loudest ovation of all when he is under the bright lights.

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