Will the 2018 Arnold Classic Line-up Eclipse the Mr. Olympia Line-up?

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One is viewed as the Super Bowl of bodybuilding, while the other is considered the second-most prestigious contest on the IFBB schedule. But in 2018, the Olympia will be hard-pressed to top the Arnold Classic USA in terms of quality depth as far as the line-ups are concerned.

There may be only 14 names on the list, but they include a former Mr. Olympia – who also happens to have five Arnold Classic titles – in Dexter Jackson, as well as two past champions in Columbus, Ohio. Dennis Wolf stood in the winner’s circle in 2014 and Cedric McMillan did so just 12 months ago.

But the talent stretches a lot further than that. Shawn Rhoden is a past Olympia runner-up and William Bonac, who placed third in Las Vegas this past September, will also be on hand. As will the monstrous Roelly Winklaar and Hidetada Yamagishi, who won the 212 here two years ago but has placed top-six in the open at the Arnold, as well.

There is a drop-off after that, but hardly a shortage of competitors who can surprise and possibly find themselves in the pose down. Lionel Beyeke, Jonathan DeLaRosa, Steve Kuclo, Lukas Osladil, Paul Poloczek, Justin Rodriguez and Fred “Biggie” Smalls should not be overlooked.

It remains to be seen who will take the stage at The Orleans Arena in September and the most recent line-up was star studded, to say the least, with five of the top-10 coming back at the Arnold. No, there will be no Phil Heath, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, Nathan DeAsha, Brandon Curry or Josh Lenartowicz on hand next month, but this has to be viewed as one of the deepest Arnold line-ups in quite some time.

Maybe even the best show of the year…

Here are a few pics of some of the 2018 Arnold Classic Ohio competitors!

Dennis Wolf
Fred Smalls
Akim Williams
William Bonac
William Bonac
Roelly Winklaar
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