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Will Shawn Rhoden be at the 2019 Arnold Classic Ohio?

The big rumor was that Big Ramy and Shawn Rhoden were both going to be competing at the 2019 Arnold Classic Ohio. It seemed to be a sure thing, so much so that we posted about it here. Big Ramy vs Shawn Rhoden I am sorry to say but it looks like we jumped the gun on that one.

While there is a chance Shawn Rhoden can be at the 2019 Arnold Classic and go up against Big Ramy but only if he resolves his legal issues. A rape charge does not seem very easy to resolve so I find it highly unlikely that we will see Shawn Rhoden compete at all in 2020 or maybe ever again.

This is what Brent Lalonde of the Arnold Sports Festival said:
“We do not know anything about the status of Shawn’s pro card. However, he will receive an invite to compete in the 2020 Arnold Classic if his legal matters are resolved before the contest.”

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