Ronnie’s latest surgery

Ronnie Coleman was just released from the hospital again after his latest surgery. He is in good spirits. You just cannot keep the champ down.
From Ronnie Coleman:
“It’s official, we’re out the hospital like last year. Hopefully it will be at least another year before I’m back again because I was just here in September, then March and February before that. Might as well buy stock in one of these places as much as I’m here. But I’m feeling great, Dr Lapsawala has performed miracles on me my last 2 surgeries. Once again thank you guys for your prayers and support. Like I said God Willing this will be mine and the love of my life last visit for a while.”

Here are the latest updates from Ronnie Coleman through out the last few days as he went through this.

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Another surgery in the books, hopefully the last one but I said that 4 surgeries ago. I’m just glad to be pain free because I was in tons of pain before surgery. Thank you guys for all your prayers, you guys are the greatest fans ever. No way I survive all this without y’all’s prayer and support. Now I know for sure why God put me on this Earth. I have doubted myself over the years but no more of that. With the inspiration and support I get from you guys, there’s no quit in me ever. Even my toughest times have been great because when you have the love and support I get from you guys, nothing never gets you down. I have the best wife in the world, the best kids, brother, sisters niece, nephew, auntie, cousins, business partner, staff at RCSS, the list goes on and on. I guess you can say I have the best life a guy can ever ask. By the way thanks Big J @bigj_extremefitness. Your always right here by my side. Well I am going home today so this will be the shortest stay ever. Don’t even think I made a whole day as the surgery started about 5 pm yesterday.

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Take good care Ronnie! No more training for awhile please! No more falls! Please take care of yourself! Your fans love you!

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