Will history repeat itself at the 2018 Arnold Classic?

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History was already made back in 2015 when Dexter Jackson won one of the most coveted titles, Arnold’s classic, in the sport of bodybuilding for the ninth time. But will he be able do it for one more time at the greater convention Columbus center competing for the same title on 03, March? The bodybuilder has won several competitions, Mr. Olympia 2008 being his most successful venture.

He is up against a task of outperforming the reigning defending champion Cedric McMillan who has a long way to go in this sport to get to the top rungs as he has only Arnold’s classic as a renowned title under his belt.

While Maxx Charles, William Bonac, Lionel Beyeke, Jonathan DeLaRosa, Lukas Osladil, Paul Poloczek, Justin Rodriguez, and Fred Smalls are the ones looking to pull off an upset, the first ever Japanese athlete to compete in Mr. Olympia, Hidetada Yamagishi will be looking to make a mark to surprise his critics.

Dexter has made a statement on his Facebook page that he is injury free and ready to compete next week in Columbus, Ohio. With that being said, he also mentioned that he has had to endure a lot of pain to get that monster of a physique. The 48-year old bodybuilder might face stiff competition from a one-time Arnold classic title holder Dennis Wolf.

He has to confront the American bodybuilder whom some call “one of the top superstars of the sport”, Steve Kuclo and the bodybuilder to have made to top 10 of Mr. Olympia competitions not once but four times, Roelly Winklaar. These two are yet to win a major competition but they can give Dexter a run for his money. However Dexter’s Facebook post suggests that he is looking to win it one more time to go down in history as one of the greatest to have ventured in the world of bodybuilding.


Let’s have a look at some of the Dexter Jackson pics posted on his official Facebook page.



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